Video: Gucci Mane Calls Out Yo Gotti, Says Nicki Minaj & French Montana Did Not Keep It Real; Yo Gotti Responds

No one is safe from Gucci Mane’s wrath. While visiting Hot 107.9, Gucci Mane called out Yo Gotti once again for trying to release his mixtape on the same day as his Trap God mixtape, referring to Gotti as a “busta”. He then went on to express that both Nicki Minaj & French Montana did not “keep it real” with their new found success and hinting at a possible diss record aimed at Gotti.

Later, Yo Gotti went on his home station of 97.1 in Memphis to respond to the allegations of trying to release his mixtape on the same day as Gucci and his thoughts of a diss record coming at him from Gucci. Watch both clips below.

Yo Gotti responds:

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