Video: French Montana’s International “Pop That” Contest

Boy oh boy. Before the VMA’s went live in Los Angeles last week, French Montana held his own event at L.A.’s Sin City with strippers from all over the world. Watch as the lovely dancers pop it for French in the NSFW below. In our book, they’re all winners.

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One Response to Video: French Montana’s International “Pop That” Contest

  1. It’s good to see the beauty or booty of African Sustahs but not to demonize our little girls into believing this a great option/career for you to make money times ever get hard…
    Once your soul is sold then most likely many may not every come back to their righteous way as they was born by..

    Peace to the Strippers I understand the reason … but we as men must not continue to entertain the. Passion for A$% shakin pu#$y popping Less achieved … We can’t diss them either that is why they do what they do… The American Dream was a diss to their beliefs and achievement model they tried to follow but only to get slapped in the face by denial…

    African Queens you still are just wake and admire yourself..

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