Fabolous- “N.O.R.E. Was Hot As Fish Grease At The Time…”

Fabolous XXL

In the latest issue of XXL, Fab recalls the infamous freestyle he had with Nore at Hot 97 on Clue’s show when Fab got put on. Fab goes on to explain how at those times, rapping next to a nice nigg@ like Nore was how someone got put on, but now, rappers just try to make catchy songs and ain’t nice no more on the mic.

Via XXL:

XXL: It’s funny I was listening to that old DJ Clue freestyle with you and Nore. And Nore was goin’ off.

Fabolous: Nore was hot as fish grease at the time. He said, “I shoot at your feet and make you do the Puff dance to perfection.”

XXL: That line was crazy. These were the caliber dudes that you used to have to rhyme next to in order to get attention. So you had to be nice.

Fabolous: Yeah. And niggas don’t have that at this point either. A lot of niggas in the game come in and make their catchy song. Let’s see you rap, let’s test out some of those niggas, put them on the radio rapping with another motherfucker and let’s see how you hold up against some of these niggas who are hot at the time. You go up there and you rapping for the motherfuckas from that era that really get that, but this new generation of muthafuckas, I don’t feel like they appreciate that.

57thAve: NORE is still as hot as fish grease, but some of ya’ll just don’t eat fish!

For more on Fab’s article: www.XXLMag.com

Hit the jump-off to listen to the freestyle from 1998

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  1. N.O.R.E. is my favorite rapper, I think he is still hot, but people don’t understand that he at a different point in his life in terms of the material he rappin bout. He grew up and tried different styles of music.

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