Audio: G-Dep Speaks On Murder Conviction

After turning himself in for a 17 year old murder, G-Dep was found guilty of second degree murder this past Tuesday in a Manhattan court. Today, MTV reached out to the former Bad Boy to get his reaction on the trial’s outcome:

“However it went down, it was just one of them things where I knew I was facing some type of charge, so whatever the verdict was, I knew it was God’s will. You know, someone was taken from [the Henkel] family, so I can’t feel like I was robbed in any kind of way, I just want to thank everyone that was involved in the case. I don’t have no ill thoughts towards anybody. I just wanna let people know there’s a couple of reporters out there that’s just talking that talk. I just had to make sure everything was everything. I was already putting myself out there. I had to make sure everything was what it was. That’s why the trial even was on.”

G-Dep will be sentenced on May 8th, and could possibly face up to 18 years in prison.

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