Video: DJ Drama & 2 Chainz Cover ‘Rolling Out’ (Behind The Scenes)

DJ Drama & 2 Chainz cover this weeks issue of Rolling Out magazine. Check out the cover up above with some behind the scenes footage of the shoot below as well as an excerpt from their interview explaining how they got together for thier first Gangsta Grillz tape:

“I remember when he first let me hear the ‘Duffle Bag Boy’ record. We were on the way to Miami. A few years later, he said on one of his mixtapes, ‘I’m the hottest in the city without a Gangsta Grillz.’ And when I heard that line, it made me chuckle because I took it as such a compliment. He was basically saying ‘Here is Gangsta Grillz and you need this to be hot. And I’m hot and I haven’t even done a Gangsta Grillz yet.’ From that point until now, us doing our first mixtape was perfect timing.”

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