Message From N.O.R.E.- Hang Hang Hood Chicken (6/4/09)

A message from Nore. Unedited. Spelling mistakes and all! Grimey!

I sometimes think was up wit this music buisness I’m glad to be able to survive n such a terrible genre!!! I love making music for fans I love ceeing some one and they say I love that record album or mixtape!!! It’s the best feeling n the world!!! But the worst feeling n the world is when u make a hit record that u know is a hit and nobody hears it or u drop a album nobody knows it’s out!!! There’s nothing worst n the world then going thru that!!!! I just made the dopeiest album of my career!!! And I’m honestly scared to let it out!!! Y now should I due so!!! I need the belief n a record label that I just don’t have right now!!! It’s very scary!!! Bare wit me as I figure it out!!! I need a change a reivention something I will figure it out!!!!

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CNN ChANnEl 10 march 18th were the hood blogs!!!

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22 Responses to Message From N.O.R.E.- Hang Hang Hood Chicken (6/4/09)

  1. Sara says:

    Am I allowed to point out the mistakes?

  2. Dee says:

    man, record labels dont support no one unless they can really bank on you. no one gets the push they should get. you should just make a great album and bang them upside the head with it. but they also want consistency, so you have to keep dropping gems and freestyles to make the people want you and the labels support you too! good luck NORE!

  3. TsunamiWavin says:

    who cares if he spelleed his words wrong, thats the internet talk..

  4. TsunamiWavin says:


  5. adrienne ny says:

    Well I have faith n u I don’t care what u may say nore was the best album u made I still listen to it to this day just believe when ur album drop ill buy it allday love adrienne

  6. manchild43 says:

    Scarred,..not you …Go Hard…Go Hard…yah true peeps will
    get it in the end ,right….Go hard.

  7. Justin says:

    I feel him. NORE has been on-point for years ! These days if you dont hit MTv like a teen your stuff doesnt get played. Dude has worked with mad labels and knows the game. I SAY DROP IT LIKE ITS HOT !!!!

  8. truemira says:

    ayo norega….f*ck a record label!!! push ur own shit!!!! with twitter,myspace,the internet! u dont need a reord label…aint nobody gonna grind for u… like u are….and your fans!!!! i will be #RT your shit all day for free on twitter! cuz thats what the fans do!!!!! cuz i am a fan! trust me on dat one!

  9. mosintelligent1 says:

    Even though I’ve never been in the music business, I understand how you feel. When you have something that you put your all into, you know it’s platinum, but you just have a fear of what you’ve worked so hard for not doing well. And I sum up what you’re saying like “I’ll be dammned If i let a record label f*ck up my platinum shyt lol”. What about independent labels, start one of ya own. You already have what most artist don’t NAME RECONIGITION. I would take that and run wit it!

  10. tiffdiamonds says:

    been ur number 1 fan for years Nore so im definitely here to support everything you do!!! you gotta go thru what u goin thru now 2 appreciate what u will have in the future. dont be scared u been thru so much already. i will never forget the feeling that the war report gave me when i was 15 years old and goin thru a real fucked up time in life and the music, the beats, the lyrics from that album were so dope it was my therapy. you gonna succeed in whatever u do because u are truly a talented individual. u most definitely have support from all of your fans enough 2 promote the album and drop it. dont let your fears hold u back from pursuing your dreams <3 xoxoxo

  11. wax_amillion says:

    Yeah yo no label is gona work harder for you than what you do urself, they jus wana eat ur arroz con pollo fam…CNN live on!

  12. NORE'S STAN says:




  13. M Jones says:

    If your record label is not fully behind your project, then FUCK THEM! .. Go around the record label and drop the album on the internet. The true fans will definitely support it and show up to the shows.

  14. Dajay says:

    You just don’t need them anymore Nore, straight up and play the game yourself.

  15. N.y.B n N.C says:

    fiduck dat label yo…..hood niggas like you are the masters of self promotion. you got a BIG BUZZ on the WORLD WIDE WEB. i’m 40 and i got maddddd love 4 u. there’s a whole generation of cats like me who need this album. cats who are grown and really ready to stop fuckin with hip-hop because of all this bull shit thats out. i moved out of town a few years ago and your you tube vids and 57th ave keep me grounded……do you…and let it do…what it do

    keep readin them scripts…your acting skillz are very impressive


  16. Ricky says:

    N.O.R.E.: The hunger in the tone of your letter is what real hip hop is missing right now. But what’s popular no longer is quality, hungry hip hop. I say build an underground infrastructure and push your new album across the US and around the world using your star power. Produce your own albums in mass and push them when you do shows and appearances. I have peeps that are unknown who sell thousands on the streets. You’re a star, you can push thousands in minutes when you do shows and appearances. If you do the calculations, producing one packaged album doesn’t cost much and you can still charge less than the music stores and make crazy profits.

    Keep your head up fam.

  17. london nigga says:

    A YO NORE, i feel your pain.. Independent is the way to go.
    U can do shows all over the US, London Europe to promote ur shit u have the charisma n passion so do this independently

    London got u

  18. london nigga says:



  19. lay the truth down poppy…

  20. PRican from da CT via Honolulu. LOL says:

    yo nore. i just heard that beauty shit on raekwon-absolut shit. WOW. You murked it. I read your comment, but after I heard that, I know you gonna be good.

  21. obi says:

    N.O.R.E is one of the godfathers of this shit. He will always be HOT !! – I feel him though. . . you need that street buzz before you drop – and if your label cant make the buzz – wat are they good for?? You can do it yourself – we been doin this independent shit since the 80’s in the bay area. Check the history.

    I wish N.Y wasnt beefin so tuff and REAL artist like N.O.R.E. could shine on that level they deserve.

    NORE is hot though – dont get it twisted !!

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