Militainment Crazy Raw Radio On Hip-Hop Nation


Sirius XM will now be hosting Militainment Crazy Raw Radio on Hip Hop Nation- channel 40. With it’s recent merger, N.O.R.E.’s radio show Militainment Crazy Raw Radio survived the merger, while others suffered extinction. Not only will N.O.R.E.’s show now be hosted via Hip Hop Nation, but his slot time has been moved and opened to 2 hours, airing every Thursday night at 12 am (EST) going on to 2 am (EST). N.O.R.E. is very excited about this news and has issued the following:

“I was so happy, excited and scared at the same time when I heard about Sirius Satellite & XM Satellite merging. When I got the news of the merger and when they said they were not only keeping my show, but that they also were expanding it to 2 hours now on Hip-Hop Nation (Channel 40) every Thrusday from 12am to 2am (EST) I was so overwhelmed and happy!!! I’d like to thank the great people at Sirius/XM for recognizing me and my partner DJ EFN’s loyalty to our fans and listeners. I am truely honered! Thanks Leo G.!!!!”

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  1. JR says:

    you have a podcast, I was listening on 12.25 and it was a crzy mix. I want to download it!!

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