N.O.R.E. On ICE Seized Hip Hop Websites

Several websites, including Hip Hop sites & blogs RapGodfathers, OnSMASH & DaJaz1, had their domains seized over the holiday weekend & accused of copyright infringement and were left with nothing but the jpg you see above. As an artist, partner & contributor to this site via music, videos & blogs, N.O.R.E. decided to blog on the recent government seizures of these sites:

In light of the recent shut down of these great websites that I admire I wanted to speak. I remember having talks wit my partner Tito about only posting iTunes/amazon links of artists music of militainment and others. For the record I don’t agree what the goverment is doing planning and plotting it’s terrible.But I do see why the record labels are snitching.The Internet is so wonderful for asap attention,but perhaps no one has figured out how to get to make dollars and cents. I feel wit all the power that’s these great websites have we can flip this into something good.FOR example when a artist drops a video or song I think it would help had the websites also post the iTunes/amazon links right next to it. I love giving away free music but if there’s is a way for a artist to eat of that I am all for it.I am a partner in a website but I’m also a artist so people let’s try and make it work ESP for those independent mother fuckers who don’t got corporate America behind them pause peAce hanghang hood chicken good morning good afternoon and got night

Bonus: Miss Info had some things to say too:

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  2. CAC-TV says:

    Crazy!! Nore had some good points and so did Miss Info. And why is Homeland Security worrying about music file sharing anyway? Shouldn’t they be protecting us from terrorist and stuff like that? smh!

  3. P.M.T. says:

    Respect To N.O.R.E. I’d Like To Come Together With Some Websites And Discuss Our Future In This Business And What We Should Do To Handle The Future. 57thAve Hit Me Up @P_M_T_ On Twitter

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