Hang Hang Hood Chicken Blog (10/6/10)

Going to the gym and staying in there so fucking hard pause.if I don’t go I get fat if I due go it takes me months to get it 2gether Rome wasn’t build in a day. The album I am creating now is so far awAy from the image I have at the moment, I’m tring to make a global album and my look has to go right wit the album there for I’m busting my ass in the gym constant wit no instant record. Fat boys and girls I relate to u so much it’s takes 3months to lose real weight but only a week or 2 to gain it damn the devil is mean.So ever one on that gym quest I c u and I wish u the best of luck I just hate those skinny people who gain 2 pounds and say “oh I’m getting fat” I hate those fuckers lol I hope my boy Tito sign up for this Nike+ challenge although he can’t out drink me he sure is a real drinker grenades and beer heavy FYI I love beer but ciroc don’t help either.let’s get it 2gether and have it right for our children they are the future hanghang grill chicken peace water

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