Hang Hang Hood Chicken Blog (10/4/10)

Lifes is so crazy at times I look at life and laugh but it sure ain’t a joke.Some people r stressing to be famous so much and for the wrong reasons it’s scary.I often look at my self and my battle wit fame and I bug out. On one hand I hate being famous I hate people looking at me and whispiring to they friends like” is that him”. I HATE IT.THen there things I love bout it. That’s a on going battle u will never understand, I hate how people judge me and misunderstand me cause of this fame.But it is what it is,I hate that people I loved b4 fame call me NORE.it shows me were they head is at due the knowledge u can c the difference between NORE,PAPI,MeLVIn,JOSE and know Kenny powers BUT Y AM I alone when it’s comes to truth PEACE

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  2. 2labombe7 says:

    …Ur not Alone…God’s with you…May He keep on guidin’ us n showin’ us the straight path…Salaam, 1.

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