50 Cent Released Young Buck From His G-Unit Contract?

According to the journalists over at VladTV, 50 Cent has released Buck from his contractual obligations over at G-Unit. Do you believe that? I doubt that. Then again, Buck does have a new album dropping in a few days? How so? I’m sure it’s all old matrial, prior to the G-Unit days, but accoding to Vlad TV, here is what the insider told them regarding the rumor:

A 100% reliable source just told us that 50 Cent has let Young Buck out of his contract with G-Unit. In April 2008 50 Cent announced on Hot 97 that Young Buck was kicked out the group, but was still contractually signed to G-Unit. Since that time, Buck has been unable to release any commercial music.

Buck is currently working his new Single “My Campaign”, produced by Drumma Boy. It will be interesting what he does with his new position. If he can get singles reacting on the radio, he get into a good position. But considering the amount of time that he’s been off the radar, it will be an uphill climb for Young Buck.

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