Video: Shyne On Staying Relevant For 10 Years

I don’t know how relevant Shyne remained while he was incarcerated. He did spark a beef with one of the most relevant artist in 2005, he did release a new album while in jail & everyone was waiting for Shyne’s release for a tell all story of the infamous shooting, but relevant? That’s still up for debate. Now a free man, somewhat (he has to live in Belize after being deported following his release from prison), Shyne has resigned with the Def Jam label, but many have not accepted his recently released music without some harsh criticism due to a vocal chord change in Shyne’s voice and the content being delivered. Without a doubt, Shyne (in 2000) was one of my personal favorites and was very relevant because he was on trial with hip-hop’s #1 mogul as his co-defendant, but in 2010, the word relevancy & Shyne don’t mix like oil & water. Maybe he’ll give us something soon worth hitting the playback button, until then, enjoy those Belizian rice & beans dishes.


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