Video: Laws Interview With iHipHop

Here is a interview with the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League signee with Orlando McGhee:

Laws and I discussed the changing landscape of hip-hop, his super dope 5:01 mixtape, and how a dude from a small Florida town managed to get a major label record contract. You should really check outthat tape and the dope videos I threw in that story. Give him more than just one listen. The word play is slightly more complicated that a OJ Da Juiceman track if you catch my drift…

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2 Responses to Video: Laws Interview With iHipHop

  1. homegirlcrazy says:

    new world uh…ha ha ha..these boys know what they doing.fuck outta world.go suck a dick.

  2. homegirlcrazy says:

    it aint no new wave in hip hop.thats what they want you to believe.the whole drake conspiracy.

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