Raekwon Talks Possible Collabo With Eminem

Raekwon & Eminem

Raekwon posted this picture up on his Twitter a few days ago, and today, he told XXL how the conversation between he & slim went.

“We schemin’ and plottin’,” he said of the collaboration. “The last statement me and him left off on I was tellin’ him like, ‘Yo, you might need to make the beat’ and he gave me that look and we both walked away from each other like, ‘Word, you right, we might have to do that like that.’ So get ready man this is gonna happen soon.”

A Rae & Em collabo? You would have thought this would have already happened when Rae was on Aftermath, right? Either way, better late than never.

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  1. Ali Shaheed says:

    Raekwon is one of the hottest,and e is just on his own from current rap.. this will be something to look out for

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