50 Cent Not Signed To Capitol/EMI?

Rick Ross Jimmy Iovine

As previously reported, Craig Davis of Capitol Records announced that 50 Cent had signed on to the label. Well, according to Miss Info, she reached out to a source close to 50 to get confirmation of the news and this is what she reported:

When I asked an insider if 50 Cent was now on Capitol/EMI….the answer was: “Hell no.“

If I was 50, I wouldn’t be too happy with Interscope right now either, nor with that picture above. Where will the Unit go? Where will 50 go once his contract is up? 50 Cent is no where to be seen in Em’s promo runs & vice versa. Will he still be Shady/Aftermath and not Interscope? We’ll just all have to wait and see.

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  1. xrendellx says:

    The whites gettin reaally paid off HipHop are devils fo real… they can care less bout they artist

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