Photos: Rick Ross & Diddy’s Vibe Magazine Shoot

Rick Ross & Diddy Vibe

Here are some photos of two of the biggest BAWSES in the biz shooting for the upcoming issue of Vibe Magazine. Take that! Take that!

Rick Ross & Diddy Vibe (2)

Rick Ross & Diddy Vibe (1)

Yeah, yeah! We know:

Puffy & Biggie Vibe

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2 Responses to Photos: Rick Ross & Diddy’s Vibe Magazine Shoot

  1. xrendellx says:

    This is sum silly shit…. HipHop is dyin,,, Puff and this fake ass dude turnin our culture into ShitHop

  2. louroc says:

    how can he compare ross to biggie. diddy is desperate to make money now that there is no one left on bad boy. that dirty money is wack as hell and as for the supreme team what a joke. nicki minaj better get out of that management before diddy does her wrong like everyone else he worked with.

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