Video: DJ Khaled Explains Why He Decided To Rap

As we speculated before the “All I Do Is Win” remix even dropped, DJ Khaled was going to spit a few bars, just to cop a few cars, and here, DJ Khaled tells DJ Envy why he decided to spit bars this far into his career. Rick Ross also talks Teflon Don with Envy.

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4 Responses to Video: DJ Khaled Explains Why He Decided To Rap

  1. xrendellx says:

    Hip Hop has fallen out for real… I mean this new generation is doing it, but Nas did see the future… Cause how can we as a culture accept this lying, stealing fat fake… To me he is no more different then a gangsta rapper who testifies in court… I’m so embrassed, to see where hip hop has fallen…. I fully understand why ppl refuse to buy music anymore… Puffy, Jim Jones. William Roberts, Capone, Lil Cease and so many more are helping to cheapen our culture…. The funny thing is that the younger generation is seeming stronger then the one before it….

  2. homegirlcrazy says:

    khaled has did his part within fucking hip hop up..his only pass to the streets in miami is radio..the only reason why some people try to still fuck with him..hes a real fucked up guy..yall just dont know how fucked up…he a great liar too…and that fucking fraud ricky..boy…that mother fucker dont get tired of lieing..thats his thing..keep fucking it up..nobody fucking with ditty..nobody fucking with them…so they team up….

  3. xrendellx says:

    Whoever listening to these clowns need to really look at themselves…………..
    This nigga Diddy sold SHYNE out… Plus this dude lied and said he talked to Shyne…. Once Shyne came out, SHYNE was like, that he ain’t never speak to dude……..

    Him and William Roberts make a perfect team……

    Did you hear that bullshit Puffy put out…. Auto tune, these are clowns… They need to step aside, cause they killing our culyure… Any real artist wouldn’t be on a track with either……

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