Music: Shyne- “Messiah”

Shyne Po

Shyne! Fix ya voice homie! It’s not working for me. Flex took too long to play this, and XXL, what happened?

Listen- Shyne- “Messiah”

Props- 2DB

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7 Responses to Music: Shyne- “Messiah”

  1. sparkdaily says:

    yea man wtf is up wit is voice?????? shit sounds wack yo shyne need to get back to new york badly.

  2. The Truth... says:

    Homie just did a 10 year bid…I think people need to fall back a minute and let him find his place again.

  3. Brooklyn in the House says:

    Shyne needs to get back on that New York Sh*t. Hope the whole album ain’t like this.

  4. homegirlcrazy says:

    i cant uderstand shit that nigga just said.he rap that for his self i guess.

  5. homegirlcrazy says:

    this shit gotta be a leak session with him going over his bars..or a freestyle.

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