HangHang Hood Chicken

At times this rap game sucks makes u wanna jump off the roof but at times we don’t realize u got a secound chance
it takes hard work but when u realize it ur turn again fuck the game like it fucked u
At the end of the day friendship means more to me then business but I due enjoy the other things that come from this game that’s not business related
rap has saved blacks and Latinos lives everyday and it continues to due so, so be greatful were here and let’s win
on my revrun shit today
hanghang hood chicken powww burk!!!


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4 Responses to HangHang Hood Chicken

  1. homegirlcrazy says:

    this that real shit right here..let these mother fuckers no NORE…

  2. Agent Guevara says:


  3. the kid says:

    lmao..i feel your message my nigga, but your literacy game needs help,serious help…lmao@ “due” instead of do…lol fuckin nore..you illiterate ass nigga

  4. Durty Rob says:

    So true my brother N.O.R.E. If every rapper, artist, MC. had this instill in their brains and think this way. There wouldn’t be any beef. There would be a better setting for us to enjoy what we love doing. Business and streetz don’t mix unless the chemistry is built on a foundation which is to know all things in life. We need to look at the bigger picture like it is really art. Peace, A fan, a M.C, and a brother. Much love. Uno!

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