Busta Rhymes Is Asked About Weight/Bet With N.O.R.E. In Complex Interview

Busta Rhymes was asked about his weight in regards to the bet with N.O.R.E., and this was his response-

Complex: So, on a lighter note, no pun intended, I heard that you challenged N.O.R.E to a weight loss competition. Are you concerned with your weight?

Busta Rhymes: Nah, but I’m concerned with being in shape, and I definitely experienced the results of being in shape. And I know how incredible it makes me feel, so when I feel like I’m gaining a little weight, I make a conscious effort to return back to being in shape. Being shape has given me a feeling and an ability to perform in many different areas. [Laughs]


Check out the history of this bet-





N.O.R.E. after losing 62 pounds-


We are still waiting on Busta’s workout footage he shot in L.A.!

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