Lil’ Wayne Urges You To Follow @LilTunchi

Three more days til Wayne turns himself in and Scoob Doo is documenting his last few days as a free man.


“I just opened that up,” Weezy said. “I got almost 200,000 followers. I need more followers. I saw Drake had like 400,000 followers. I need more followers than Drake.”

Wayne then gave background on his nickname.

“My nickname is Lil Tune — my grandmother named me that,” he explained. “She’s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me Lil Tune. We just threw the ‘Chi’ on there. Like Gucci, I say ‘Tunechi!’ ”

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One Response to Lil’ Wayne Urges You To Follow @LilTunchi

  1. ametria tate says:

    hey sexy i here in ks loved your last concert here.
    a nyway i write quotes i keep you up if ya like
    people wannt true love till they get it then they want a lie

    let a failure be a a oppurnity to do better not a anchor to bury yourself alive.

    love ya

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