‘The War Report 2′ Is “80 Percent Done”, According To N.O.R.E.

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N.O. recently spoke to XXLMag.com to update the publication on the process of The War Report 2 and explain Raekwon’s role in the project:

According to Nore, the duo are “80 percent done” with the project, and, he believes the new disc is superior to the first. “I mean, the material came so great ’cause it was like everything flowed at the right time,” he said. “And I know a lot of people might flip on me for saying this, but musically, this is gonna be a better album than the [first] War Report.”

Nore says that conceptually, TWR2 has the same vibe as the original, and that’s why he and Capone decided to make a sequel. “It’s the same vein,” he said. “It got the same material; it got the same feelin’, like we doin’ the skits and …we gotta ‘Live on Live Long, Pt. 2’ where we dedicatin’ to [Tragedy Khadafi, who’s currently incarcerated and animportant figure on the first disc] instead of dedicating to Capone. We brung Iman Thug back and we brung the elements that made the album the album without us knowing that those were the spices to it.”

“When you listen to The Reunion we didn’t have those elements,” he continued, “ …When you listen to Channel 10 that was way far off so this is really going back to the basics you know what I’m sayin’…It’s going back to the basics just like The War Report and that’s just making fuckin’ music. Who cares if a chorus goes there or not, that’s just not what it is—hip-hop is rhyme, nigga, we’ll figure it out later.”

C-N-N recently inked to Raekwon’s imprint Ice H20—which is distributed through EMI—to release the project. Nore told XXL that Chef plays a major role in the new equation. “I can’t even say that it’s guidance,” he shared about Rae’s position. “I can just say that you know what Rae adds to the whole thing is like when we had Trag around, Trag brought that like older brother element around and that’s the same thing Rae brings. When he’s around he’s like a older brother.”

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