Pictures: Floyd Mayweather & Rick Ross Collide

Mayweather x Ross 1

Mayweather x Ross 2

No other media outlet reported this but US- 57thAve! Yes, we were on the story on Sunday! Now here is evidence that the superstars collided on Sunday at Diddy’s Vanity party in Vegas. Most outlets were reporting it happened at Pure during G-Units New Year’s Eve bash, but nope! They were wrong! As you can tell from the images, Floyds veins were popping out his skin, meanwhile, Ricky looks collective and calm. According to MY source, Diddy stepped in to assist the champ and the champs security quickly stepped in to protect their cash cow! Footage coming….maybe.

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  3. this website is fucking trash

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  5. isiswisdom says:

    um I don’t see anything maybe if you took that teflon don down off the photo so we could get a better look. But I don’t see anything worth reporting as of yet. Wail till this footage drops.

  6. ok.... says:

    Rick ross is only calm cuz his nerves are dulled from smokin a half oz a day n poppin 2 many pills like all these other rappers pretending to be street dudes…who do u honestly think wud win in a 1 on 1?

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  8. S says:

    floyd would drop him with ease

  9. hahaha says:

    haha, i think rick ross may knock mayweather out..

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