50 Cent Listens To Black Moon’s “Enta Da Stage” For Inspiritation

Black Moon

Now do you see where 50 is inspired for all that aggressive content? Here is a outtake of 50’s interview that did not make the print version for the XXL Dec. issue. For more outtakes, head over to XXLMag.com. I listened to the Black Moon album before, but that was also around the beggining of the Death Row era, so Dre & Snoop was on heavy rotation in the Walkman.

XXL: Who does 50 Cent listen to for inspiration?

50 Cent: You’d be surprised by what I listen to. When ain’t nothing going on…. [KRS-One] did some shit with Buckshot, and I listened to that. I still listen to the Black Moon record.

XXL: Enta Da Stage?

50 Cent: Yeah. I’ll put that shit on. I was hustling at that point, in the street in the street. Then I’m able to get in that zone, and write something that comes from that actual time period. Music marks time. There will be a point when somebody older than you hears an old song and starts bopping their head, like, “You don’t know nothin’ about this, young buck.” They were actually in the nightclub when that music was actually poppin’. I wanted to make a record that had the whole aura. You see my Forever King mixtape? I went back to those songs because that music was inspirational music. “Let’s keep rising to the top; don’t let nobody stop us.” And, the things that they had there was blatantly inspirational. That was hot.

XXL: What other projects besides Black Moon from that era did you go back to for inspiration?

50 Cent: I just ran through [my stash]. I had, like, a lot of the material there for my personal pleasure. I used to make CDs before I made the album. I’d take my favorite records, my favorite 14 or 15 records and put them on a disc, and then play them while I’m running and feel like my album would have to top that, to me personally. I feel like I did it this time. This is the album where, they’re gonna hear it and say, “This shit is better than Get Rich of Die Tryin’.” That’s what I set out to do when I started this record.

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